Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs

Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs

We are using Medline Plus as our resource for understanding Herbs. we would like make sure you are aware of this free and amazing resource.  This one of the foremost herbal databases available online for free. 

 We believe people need to be informed of what they ingest what different ingredients can do and we implore folks to do their own research.  We did!  We believe the key to a good supplement or vitamin product is what's inside. 

We know most people cannot spend vast sums of money every month on healthy vitamins and supplements and that is why Bio-Body Wellness is concerned about making products that anyone could afford and offering the absolute best quality ingredients we can with what resources we have.  We hope you enjoy this database and learn what you can from it.


Just click the image below to go the database by Medline plus.


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